Mental Health Services

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare have updated their Mental health services in Australia web report

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) have updated their Mental health services in Australia web report.

An average of $400 was spent per person on mental health-related services in Australia during 2017-18, according to new figures within the report. It also shows almost $10 billion was spent nationally on mental health services in 2017–18 in Australia.

Updated data

The purpose of the continually updated report is to provide statistical data surrounding mental health services in Australia. Updated data with section revisions up to the 30 January 2020 included in this web report are:

  • Mental Health Expenditure,
  • Mental Health Facilities data,
  • Restrictive practices data,
  • Medicare data,
  • and Prescriptions data.

The release also provides new data on the use of restrictive practices in mental health facilities, and builds on previous data about the use of seclusion and restraint in mental health facilities.

In addition to the updated web report The Mental health services – In brief is produced annually. In brief provides an overview of data about the national response of the health and welfare system to the mental health care needs of Australians.

Mental illness can significantly impact an individual(s), families, friends and communities and can influence society as a whole. For this reason, Shelter WA recognises the significance of mental illness to society and understand the social problems commonly associated with mental illness including poverty, unemployment, reduced opportunities, reduced productivity and homelessness.

For further reading visit the web report landing page here.

Click to read Mental health services: in brief 2019 (released annually) the companion publication to the updated web report.