Meeting Social Housing Need a Tipping Point for Federal Intervention

A report from Compass Housing Services released August 2021, states that all current proposals and policies at state level collectively fail to meet the required level of provision in the face of existing and future demand for social housing.

This report explores the capacity of states to meet the level of social housing shortfall that is currently evident. Despite having drastically reduced the scope of their mission by restricting eligibility to a very narrow subset of the community, state and territory housing authorities are still failing to keep up with demand. Australia’s state and territory governments currently have plans in place to deliver a combined total of 66,125 social housing dwellings over the next decade. This leaves a shortfall of 102,883 dwellings to house the applicants currently on the combined waiting lists. Put simply, even if the states manage to hit the targets in their respective plans, (itself no sure thing), they will have failed to meet the immediate housing needs more than 100,000 families.

Read the full report here.