Mandatory Conciliation for Residential Tenancies

As the sector is aware the Residential Tenancies COVID Response Act 2020 has implemented moratorium on evictions in certain circumstances and rent freezes.

A key change for the resolution of tenancy disputes during the emergency period, which is due to end on 29 September 2020, has been the creation of the Mandatory Conciliation Process managed by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, through Consumer Protection.

The Response Act

The Department is encouraging the sector to utilise the service to resolve disputes, including those that may emerge from the complexity of boarding and lodging resident accommodation agreements being unilaterally included in the Response Act without consultation. Specifically, for issues of disruptive and dangerous behaviour the sector is being encouraged to make applications for these issues in instances where the risks to other residents and staff are not high, as an alternative to going through the court termination process that has been enshrined in the Response Act.

Consumer Protection have indicated that applications to the dispute resolution service are being lodged and resolved within two weeks. If you do make an application or have any questions about making an application, the GM of the conciliation service, Ms Trish Blake has offered to be available for you to directly contact her here.

Further information on this service can be found here.