Liz Lennon: Why this SBS documentary is compulsive viewing

Liz Lennon writes why tonight’s SBS documentary is a “must watch”.

Those who know me, know I work and care about homelessness and particularly the growing tsunami of older women at risk of homelessness.

I was invited by the producers of tonight’s SBS documentary ‘What Does Australia Really Think About…’ which will explore the nation’s misconceptions about its older generation.

Five hours of filming will be edited down to about ten minutes. I haven’t seen the documentary or the editing so it will be a surprise for me.

Liz Lennon

What I emphasised over and over was that this was an issue that had systemic roots and wasn’t an older woman’s ‘fault’. The activity we do will shock some and it had many of the women participating in tears. My wish is that people watch this and become more aware of the issue, it’s roots in many ‘isms’, and that cooperative efforts by older single women, governments and amazing homelessness and housing organisations [as well as banks and developers etc] can provide diverse solutions.

And yes, I kept mentioning the need to resource diverse affordable and social housing supply that included older single women as collaborators in design and management.

It’s on tonight [Wednesday, 25 Aug] at 8.30pm. You can see it on SBS On Demand here.

I’ll be watching and ready for a few tears and anger and hopefully some hope.

Read more about Liz’s work Reimagining Home – A Framework for Creating Home with Older Single Women on Low Incomes so they can age well in their communities of choice.