Lived Experience (HOME)

Are you seeking the voice of lived experience?

Creation of a toolkit

The HOME (Hear of My Experience) Project was a capacity and co-design project with people who have, or are currently, experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity to empower them and enable them to have a greater voice in policy, advocacy, service design, and the broader WA community. Seventeen individuals participated in the project which ran over thirteen weeks with a range of subject matter experts.

Participants completed a sequence of co-design workshops which developed their skills and empowered them to engage and advocate more effectively with government and non-government organisations. The other objective completed was the creation of a ‘Hear of My Experience’ toolkit. The measures outline best practice for lived experience engagement, and capacity building work in the housing and homelessness community sectors. This toolkit is currently being finalised and Shelter WA will advise when it is complete.

Seeking the voice of lived experience?

The next phase of the HOME project is to work with participants to facilitate their engagement with the public, government and community organisations through information sharing and co-design opportunities. Shelter WA is pleased to be co-designing this process with the participants.

Given the overwhelming interest in engaging participants, if you would like to utilise their expertise whilst we are establishing a platform to facilitate engagement please contact Shelter WA at