Infection Control Project

Our Infection Control Project Manager Elizabeth Brown has been busy the past three months visiting some of WA’s metropolitan based homelessness services, Congregate Living Providers and Community Housing Organisations (CHOs).

With over 20 years of experience as a Clinical Nurse in both private and public hospitals and a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) Elizabeth brings a wealth of knowledge. Complementing her existing experience, she completed both Department of Health COVID-19 Infection Control and Rapid Antigen Testing units.

Elizabeth Brown

The aim of the project is to support non-clinical residential and non-residential homelessness services, CHOs and Congregate Living Facilities to be better prepared and resourced in infection control management and prevention, in particular around COVID-19 and have increased confidence to deal with outbreaks.

Many WA Community Housing Providers, residential and non-residential homeless services, smaller regional services, and women’s refuges generally do not have expertise in infection control or infection crisis management. They are dealing with clients and residents with complex behavioural and health conditions, often housed in or in congregate living, that is boarding or lodging houses, with shared facilities and no or limited on-site staff or support services.

Steering Committee

The project Steering Committee has supported guide the project with committee members representing various organisations within the sector, including the Department of Health, regionally based service, women’s refuges, youth, drop-in centres/engagement hub, congregated living facilities and CHOs.

Work Done

Feedback from services so far has been very positive with services expressing how the audits, findings and recommendations build their confidence and capacity on their existing infection control practices.

Current trends so far have shown that many organisations have very good COVID-19 documentation and processes and facilities are aligning with best practice COVID-19 management requirements. The audits have also supported Elizabeth to identify sector knowledge and resource gaps in broader infection control practices and look at ways which we might better support the sector with procedures and training in these areas.

Next Steps (Audits)

If your organisation would be interested in hearing more about how our infection control program can support your organisation or if your organisation would like to take part in our infection control audit, please contact Elizabeth. If you organisation would like to take part in the ICP please you can request an audit here.

Audits also available to regionally based facilities and organisations via a phone or MS Teams consultation.

Further Information

Email Elizabeth Brown, Shelter WA’s Project Manager Infection Control on