Homelessness Week 2020

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continue to experience higher levels of housing disadvantage

Homelessness is still prevalent in 2020 and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continue to experience higher levels of housing disadvantage than other Western Australians, including more homelessness, more overcrowding, lower levels of home ownership and higher levels of housing stress.

Moratorium on residential tenancy evictions

It is estimated that over 9,000 Western Australians experience homelessness every night, a third of whom are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people. This number is expected to grow, not just for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, but across the whole population once all Federal government COVID-19 income support payments end and the State’s six-month moratorium on evictions ends.

Empowering Aboriginal people

Homelessness week 2020 will have an emphasis on how culturally led and supported design will deliver a housing and homelessness system that empowers Aboriginal people, one that builds on cultural strength, focuses on people and provides access and choice, linking homes with wellbeing and support where and when it is needed.

Aboriginal Housing Management Association (Vancouver)

Homelessness week will include a spot light on First Nations Housing and homelessness solutions, including a webinar with Margaret Pfoh, CEO, Aboriginal Housing Management Association in Vancouver who will talk about First Nation Solutions implemented in Canada, and a workshop to explore Housing First within a culturally appropriate context. A facilitated panel discussion is planned to reflect on homelessness during COVID-19 and what’s needed to respond to the pending homelessness crises facing our State as a result of the pandemic. Also, there will be a session on implementing housing first, including the principles, tools and approaches needed to turn principles into practice. Sessions will be streamed to facilitate regional attendance and the voice of people with lived experience will be front and centre. We hope that you will join us at the launch where we hope to have an update from government on the work underway to deliver All Paths Lead to Home, the WA Homelessness Strategy.

Shelter WA is pleased to be working in partnership with the WA Alliance to End Homelessness in crafting this year’s program under the leadership of Mr Gordon Cole, Chair of Noongar Mia Mia and Shelter WA board member. The full program of activities can be seen here.

Shelter WA would love to know if you are planning any events for Homelessness Week 2020 which we can promote. Let us know by using this link.