HOME Project

Recent workshop sessions have had guest speakers

The HOME (Hear Of My Experience) Project is a capacity building and co-design project with people who have, or are currently, experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity to empower them and enable them to have a greater voice in policy, advocacy, service design, and the broader WA community.

Shelter WA in partnership with the State Government through a grant from the Department of Finance and support from Tenancy WA have developed the HOME Project.

Sorting out what is best practice for lived experience engagement

The first objective of the project is to complete a sequence of co-design workshops with the participants to develop their skills and empower them to more effectively engage with and advocate to government and non-government organisations. The second objective is to co-design through the workshops a ‘Hear Of My Experience’ toolkit to outline best practice for lived experience engagement, and capacity building work in the housing and community sectors. This will enable lived experience engagement and support organisations to appropriately and genuinely engage with people who have lived experience.

The toolkit will include methodologies for engaging a group of people with lived experience in a co-design process, including tangible examples tested and learned through the HOME Project and other similar projects.

Jack Thornton (HOME Project Manager) from Shelter WA and Vachel Spirason (HOME Project Coordinator) from Tenancy WA have been leading the project and are proud to see the outcomes achieved so far for the project participants.

Mapping out the homelessness and housing systems

The HOME group initially focused on team building, group dynamics and broadly exploring lived experience engagement experiences to set the scene and form a safe and collaborative environment within this work.

This was coupled with mapping out the homelessness/housing system and lived experience engagement and advocacy in Western Australia, along with analysis of the issues and potential solutions.

Some recent workshop sessions have had guest speakers and topic experts visit to share their expertise. In recent weeks policy and advocacy, storytelling and media skills have been covered to empower the group for lived experience engagement and public advocacy opportunities.

A lived experience toolkit is on the way

In the final weeks, the HOME group will apply their recently developed skills and synthesise everything discussed and learned towards developing the Toolkit.

There will be more news to come regarding the HOME Project and broader lived experience engagement in our sector; and watch this space in early 2020 for the lived experience engagement toolkit.

For more information on the HOME Project please contact Jack Thornton via projects@shelterwa.org.au or Vachel Spirason via cle@tenancywa.org.au.