Delivering NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in Western Australia Workshop

On 7 of December, Shelter WA in partnership with People with Disabilities Western Australia and the Summer Foundation organised the ‘Delivering NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in Western Australia’ workshop and brought together a group committed to developing more housing for Western Australians with disability. 

Luke Bo’sher, CEO of the Summer Foundation Ltd, shared experiences and knowledge from the East Coast of Australia where SDA is starting to be delivered at scale. 

Together, with the participants – a diverse group comprised of CHPs, consumer groups, property developers, service providers and representatives from the government – potential avenues for WA providers to start progressing plans to develop SDA within existing policy setting and organisational resources were identified. Furthermore, the attendees shared their experiences and challenges with SDA and the new evolving market, and future directions and action points were discussed.

The next step leading on from the workshop is to facilitate centralised coordination and a collaborative approach bringing together different stakeholders in the sector, so that experiences and knowledge could be shared, as well as common action points being developed.

More information about Summer Foundation can be found here.