Community Services Bulletin

This is a special edition of the Community Services Procurement Bulletin. Issue February 2022. It is compiled by the Department of Finance.

Purchasing Personal Protective Equipment

Service providers can purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) through whole-of-government Common Use Arrangements (CUAs) and therefore be eligible for government pricing.

Purchases should be arranged directly with CUA contractors. To be able to access CUAs, service providers must:

For more information, please contact the CUA contract manager or email Community Services Procurement Policy.

Community Services Template Update

Updates to the community services templates have been implemented to reflect the COVID-19 coronavirus: Mandatory vaccination requirement, Aboriginal Procurement Policy (APP) participation requirements and Debarment Regime.

COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination

The request for COVID-19 mandatory vaccination disclosure is included where service delivery involves occupations or workforces that are, or may become, subject to a mandatory vaccination order. You will be asked to confirm that your organisation is compliant with all laws, including public health orders and directions, regarding COVID-19 and vaccination.

APP Participation Requirements

Where the new APP participation requirements apply, you will see a request to nominate which requirement you will meet if awarded a service agreement. You can choose between meeting an outcome for Aboriginal business subcontracting or employment of Aboriginal people.

Debarment Regime

The Debarment Regime establishes grounds through which a service provider may be excluded from supplying services to government agencies.

WA Government agencies must not consider any offer or expression of interest received from a service provider that is suspended or debarred, or which includes a subcontracting arrangement with a suspended or debarred subcontractor.

For enquiries about community services templates, email Community Services Procurement Policy.