Community Sector Partnership Team – Updates

The Department of Communities has appointed new Executive Directors for the Office of Disability and Office for the Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence.

Please find attached the latest contact list. The attached does not reflect the following announcements expect a new one soon.

Caron Irwin, the Assistant Director General of Strategy and Partnerships at the Department of Communities provides this update.

Office of Disability

Marion Hailes-MacDonald has been appointed the Executive Director Office of Disability.

Marion has a distinguished career in disability and human services and brings to this role a commitment and dedication to develop and improve services and supports for people with disability, their families and carers.

Having been involved in the initial design of the NDIS following the 2011 Productivity Commission report, she then oversaw changes across the disability landscape and the Western Australia transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and has led the establishment of an Office of Disability in the Department of Communities.

As its first Director, Marion will lead the Office of Disability, which has been set up to provide disability sector stewardship, advice on State and Commonwealth systems, and drive work and innovation to improve inclusion and participation of people with disability.

Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence

Dr Nicole Leggett has been appointed as the Executive Director for the Office for the Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence.

Nicole has worked in the family violence sector for more than 16 years, starting with the then peak body – the Women’s Council for Domestic and Family Violence Services. She commenced with the Department of Communities in 2008, working in and around prevention of family violence policy, service delivery, program development and training.

Dr Nicole Leggett

Over the years, Nicole has led significant policy and program reform across both State and Commonwealth government including changes to our laws and ways of working to improve protections for victim-survivors, create accountabilities for perpetrators and to work towards keeping children safe and together with the non-offending parent as a first priority.

She has held several senior leadership positions – establishing the Office for Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence and most recently leading the Royal Commission Implementation Team.

Nicole is deeply committed to family violence prevention and improving outcomes for victim-survivors through safe, culturally secure and person-centred services; informed and capable workforces; and integrated service systems.

Nicole will continue to lead the Royal Commission and CSATS Procurement Teams while we finalise recruitment for this role.

Executive Director Strategic Policy

Chad Stewart will be acting in the Executive Director Strategic Policy role from 30 May.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Chad for his leadership and commitment to the Office and to the prevention of family and domestic violence and am thrilled that Chad will continue to work in the Strategy and Partnerships Division.

As some of you may be aware Mark Burgess is moving to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. I want to thank Mark for his leadership, commitment and hard work whilst at Communities, during his time here Mark established and lead the Specialist Child Protection Unit and then the Strategic Policy team.

Mark, Chad and Nicole are working on handover to ensure a smooth transition.

Office of Homelessness

Jacqui Herring will continue to act in the Executive Director role for the Office of Homelessness. We are in the process of finalising establishment of this team and this position. Following this the role will be advertised publicly.

Specialist Child Protection Unit

Amber Fabry continues to act in the Executive Director role for the Specialist Child Protection Unit. This role will shortly be advertised.

Partnership Team

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