Community Sector Partnership Team – State Emergency Welfare Plan

The State Emergency Coordinator, Police Commissioner Chris Dawson, has activated the State Emergency Welfare Plan.

Under this plan, the Department of Communities takes the primary responsibility for coordinating the provision across the State of “welfare services” (as defined in the Emergency Management Act 2005).

Welfare services for people affected by an emergency can include the provision of accommodation, food, clothing, and financial assistance, and may extend to other critical support services.

With the activation of the plan, the Director General of the Department of Communities, Michelle Andrews, becomes the State Welfare Coordinator.

A State Welfare Emergency Committee is being established, which will be chaired by Michelle and oversee the delivery of these services across the State.

In addition, a State Welfare Incident Coordination Centre is being established to sit alongside and support the State Health Incident Control Centre.

We will continue to provide further information as it becomes available.

We thank each and every one of you for the vital role you are playing in continuing to respond to the needs of the community – whether you are delivering frontline services or working in the crucial roles supporting those who are.

Michelle Andrews & Deb Zanella | Community Sector Partnership Team