Community Sector Partnership Team – Mental Health Initiatives

The Australian Government has announced a new initiative that gives providers more flexibility in delivering services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It now allows GPs and Medical Practitioners to use Telehealth and phone consultations, not only health professionals or patients at risk of COVID-19, which helps keep people in the community and away from hospitals.

In addition to the restrictions being lifted, the number of Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items available through Telehealth and phone consultations has been expanded. For example, items now include consultations for the preparation of a Mental Health Treatment Plan.

This is a temporary initiative available from 13 March 2020 to 30 September 2020 (inclusive) and services must still be bulk billed. Full details are available in the attached PDF.

Also attached is a Direction issued by the Department of Health together with a flyer with tips on keeping yourself mentally well while in isolation for distribution. It’s in two formats – print ready and web PDF. It’s designed to be printed A5, double-sided – to cater to people who may not speak English and require a translator.

Attachments – Flyers. COVID-19 Isolation Flyer (Web Version) here. | COVID-19 Isolation Flyer (Print Version) here.

Attachments – Mental Health Infection Control Directions here. | MBS Telehealth Services here.