Communities’ Partnership Framework

The Department of Communities has circulated a communiqué from the Community Partnerships Roundtable held on Monday, 22 August 2022.

The Roundtable is co-chaired by the Director General of the Department of Communities (Communities), Mike Rowe and the Chief Executive Officer of the Western Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS), Louise Giolitto. Previous communiques and other information about the roundtable can be found here.

Key Outcomes

Key outcomes from the meeting are as follows.

  • The Roundtable was provided with updates on Communities’:

⚬ Gender Equality in Procurement WA Public Sector Pilot

⚬ WA Seniors Strategy

⚬ Strategic Direction Statement

⚬ Establishment of the Aboriginal Strategic Advisory Group

  • The Roundtable’s Commissioning Working Group provided an update on the progress of Communities’ Commissioning Plan. The Working Group will be consulting with the Community Services sector on incorporating inclusivity clauses into contracts.
  • Roundtable members discussed the current COVID-19 situation including:

⚬ Easing of restrictions

⚬ Significant decline in the number of calls to the 13COVID line and requests for emergency accommodation

⚬ Establishment of the St Bart’s isolation facility for people with complex requirements and no fixed address who test positive to COVID-19

⚬ Shelter WA had procured funding to provide an infection control nurse to assist the sector with infection control plans and reimburse the sector for additional costs associated with people presenting with COVID-19

  • Members reviewed the Roundtable’s Terms of Reference and Co-Chairing arrangements.
  • The next meeting will be held on 16, November 2022.

Further information

Members of the Community Partnerships Roundtable bring a broad and diverse range of experience, capability, and expertise and jointly pursue collaboration as a mechanism to improve outcomes for vulnerable people in Western Australia.

The group provides a platform to identify and address system-wide issues and plan on matters of strategic importance relevant to the delivery of human services.

Community Partnerships Roundtable Members

To find out more about the Community Partnerships Roundtable, please contact the Sector Partnerships Team.

Email: Read further details here.