Communities’ Partnership Framework

The Community Partnerships Roundtable met on 17 November at the Department of Communities.

The Community Partnerships Roundtable was co-chaired by the Director General of Department of Communities (Communities) and the Chief Executive Officer of the Western Australian Council of Social Service.

Key outcomes from the meeting:

  • A Commissioning Working Group and Data Sharing and Outcomes Working Group have been established and both have held one meeting. John Bouffler was nominated as the Co-Chair for the Commissioning Working Group and Chris Twomey for the Data Sharing and Outcomes Working Group. Terms of Reference for both groups are currently being finalised and priorities identified.
  • The Community Partnership Roundtable was provided with an update by Aboriginal Outcomes and the Family and Domestic Violence Unit on the work of the Aboriginal Family Safety Strategy which will be presented to the Minister in March 2022, following a very comprehensive consultation phase.
  • There was a discussion about the impact of the COVID 19 Health Directions and the impact on the Community Services Sector with Communities agreeing to seek another potential webinar for the sector, led by the Chief Health Officer, early in the New Year.
  • Roundtable members were advised about the Seniors Strategy which is about to commence development.

Further Information

The intent of the Community Partnerships Roundtable is to bring together Communities and the community services sector to identify and implement better ways of working together for the benefit of the Western Australian community.

Community Partnerships Roundtable Members

To find out more about the Community Partnerships Roundtable, please contact the Sector Partnerships Team.

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