Commissioning Strategy – Update

The Department of Communities has committed to providing regular updates to keep the sector informed about commissioning work across the four priority areas.

They are: FDV, Homelessness Services, Out-Of-Home Care, Family and Domestic Violence, Homelessness and Child Sexual Abuse Therapeutic Services.

The first and second updates, circulated by the Department on 21 and 28 February, provide a broad overview of work done to date and plans for early 2022.

Design Labs

During 2021 the Department delivered 15 design labs with over 800 attendees. The information gathered from those sessions will be used to inform the commissioning approach throughout 2022 and beyond.

In December 2021, Communities launched its agency Commissioning Plan which covers all commissioning occurring within the period of the forward estimates within the current budget (up until 2024-25), with a focus on work required to recommission the large number of agreements due to expire between June and December 2022.

Homelessness Services

Jacqui Herring is now Project Lead for the Commissioning of Homelessness Services, and the Department has commenced discussions with the South West Trial Homelessness service providers. The new South West Service Agreements are to be in place by Thursday, 31 March 2022. Other providers contracts are to be extended to 30 June 2024.

Further Work

The Department has indicated it intends to undertake the following work as the next steps in commissioning across homelessness services:

  • Engagement with service providers to extend contracts ending 30 June 2022.
  • Development of an evaluation process of the South West Trial, which will inform commissioning and procurement of services across WA.
  • Circulation of the Communique from the Design Lab (Statewide Services) held last year.
  • Schedule future sector engagement workshops, and next workshop with Department of Justice and Mental Health Commission.


The Department is also working on updating the Commissioning Website to ensure that it is reflective of work moving forward.

Shelter WA welcomes the renewed commitment to keeping the sector informed of developments across the commissioning work and looks forward to further engagement and collaboration between the government and the community services sector to develop a clear plan and support for the commissioning of homelessness services.