COAG Energy Council

The Trajectory Addendum is highlighting the need for supportive measures

At the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council meeting held on the 22nd of November, the nation’s Energy Ministers agreed to the Addendum to the Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings- Existing Buildings (Trajectory Addendum).

The Trajectory Addendum is the second stage of the national plan for a movement towards zero energy and carbon ready buildings for Australia. It provides a suite of initiatives to improve the energy efficiency of existing building in Australia. Improving the energy efficiency of existing social housing and private rental stock in critical. Often, low income households are forced to live in cheaper properties that aren’t always climate ready.

Giving home buyers more relevant information

Shelter WA supports the Trajectory Addendum especially the following initiatives:

• The disclosure of a home’s energy efficiency performance at the point of sale. This will ensure that buyers have the relevant information to make more informed choices.
• The introduction of minimum rental requirements, to ensure that those most vulnerable in the community have access to healthier and more affordable housing.
• The introduction of targeted financial initiatives, as it will help households and industry transition towards greater energy efficiency.

In addition to this, Shelter WA is delighted that the Trajectory Addendum is highlighting the need for supportive measures for vulnerable households. This will ensure a fairer distribution of costs and benefits in relation to energy efficiency in our homes and will assist those households in regional and remote areas; public, Aboriginal and community housing; as well as other low income and vulnerable households.

The Make Renting Fair Alliance is calling for reform to the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 ensuring that housing doesn’t make people sick and that rental properties are climate ready. The State Government is due to release the discussion paper later this year.

Shelter WA is looking forward to the implementation of the Trajectory Addendum in order to improve the energy efficiency of homes for everyone in Western Australia.