CHP Workshop: An Affordable Housing Head Leasing Program

Increased numbers of safe and affordable housing is critical to communities

The growing groundswell of support and action from within the community to end housing stress and poverty (including homelessness) has led to the awareness and understanding that both improved access to, and increased numbers of safe and affordable housing is critical to communities across WA.

To support this opportunistic period for the community housing industry, Shelter WA and Home Hub are encouraging community housing providers to come together to apply design-thinking methodologies as a means to pursue innovative ways to;

  • Provide more housing to people in need.
  • Build the industry’s capacity, and
  • Amplify the value of the industry to the community.

You can contribute 

A workshop was held in July but contributions are encouraged until 23 July 2020. Use this link to collaborate with the feedback and ideas shared so far and you are encouraged to distribute this link to your staff and networks. If anyone has any feedback, comments about the design of the CHP head-leasing program initiative, or would like to contact Home Hub on any related business, please email the team here.


Shelter WA and Home Hub appreciate the feedback received so far and would like to thank the many members who attended the workshop including Access Housing, Rise, Ruah and others.