Career Experience

Shelter WA welcomes Ian Paterson and Daniel Cazangiu from North Metropolitan TAFE Leederville.

Both are completing a Community Services Certificate IV which has a mandatory work placement component all students must do. We are delighted both came to Shelter WA to advance the development work and deliver a ‘Speakers Bureau’ of people with lived experience of homelessness and housing insecurity, to deliver educational talks, forums and consultation services to the wider public.

Through this project, they aim to reduce stigma and discrimination around precarious living circumstances, whilst building public and institutional empathy.

[L-R] Daniel Cazangiu and Ian Paterson

Daniel Cazangiu

I’m currently working as a Support Worker in an Alcohol and Other Drugs residential treatment facility, I see a need for stable, supported accommodation to give people exiting treatment the best possible chance at recovery and a new life. Unfortunately, this is lacking so what better place to view the landscape and try and make a change with Shelter WA.

Ian Paterson

Coming to Shelter WA is a great opportunity for me, as someone with a lived experience of youth homelessness some years ago and the subsequent educational disadvantage that often comes with that. The opportunity to interact with leaders at sector peak level and across a variety of WA service delivery organisations is developing my high-level skills, to work well in conjunction with the technical knowledge of my Community Services Certificate IV and my personal passion for working with those who are now, where I have been.

Sector Experience

As part of the placement Dan and Ian will work on several additional Shelter WA and Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness projects.