Beddown – Not an appropriate response for people sleeping rough

Shelter WA in partnership with the Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness have expressed deep concern that the City of Perth is considering a trial of Beddown in the City’s carparks.

This is not an appropriate response to provide temporary sleeping options for people who are sleeping rough.


Beddown take spaces that are commonly used and busy during the day but at night are left vacant or empty. Beddown then activates and repurposes the space at night into pop-up accommodation to ensure the homeless, those who are sleeping rough are then able to come and get into a bed at night.

City of Perth

At their April City of Perth Council Meeting where councillors supported a trial of Beddown, the City endorsed their Rough Sleeper Plan. We congratulate the City on the adoption of this plan and the compassionate approach in the plan towards people who are sleeping rough. This Plan outlines a number of good initiatives, including the development of safe night spaces in partnership with the community sector to ensure people who are sleeping rough have access to safe and secure interim places to stay.

Beddown is not in the plan. It should not be progressed.

[L-R] Basil Zempilas and Executive Officer WA Alliance John Berger

Evidence-based Response

We look forward to meeting with the Lord Mayor to discuss an evidence-based response to ending homelessness in the City. We applaud the Lord Mayor for wanting to end homelessness in the City of Perth. Providing good interim solutions for people who are sleeping rough while permanent housing and support services are put in place for every person who is experiencing homelessness is an absolute imperative. With the right housing options and investment in services we can end homelessness.

Nobody should be left to live on the streets.