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Community Sector Partnership Team – Taskforce on Homelessness

Co-Chairs workshop with Nous Group. This robust session involving the co-chairs from all nine taskforces provided a pulse check of our work so far, the progress made and our path forward. The co-chairs were provided with key information to underpin this work, including Terms of Reference, Partnership Principles and Communications and Stakeholder Strategies.

Message from the Director General

We understand some of our service providers and staff may need to travel due to work and we have been getting lots of questions around the process and documents required to obtain travel exemptions.

AIHW – Specialist Homelessness Services annual report 2018–19

The specialist homelessness services 2018–19 web report is the eighth annual report from the Specialist Homelessness Services Collection (SHSC). It describes the characteristics of clients of specialist homelessness services, the services requested, outcomes achieved, and unmet requests for services during 2018–19. Safe, secure housing is fundamental to people’s health and wellbeing. Both people experiencing homelessness […]

ResearchPress (Communities)

The October edition of ResearchPress put together by the Department of Communities explores the complex dimensions of poverty, homelessness for veterans and older Australians, the importance of social inclusion, and mental health prevention for our young people.