Australian Affordable Housing E-Scan

CoreLogic and PowerHousing Australia have released their annual Australian Affordable Housing E-Scan report.

They find that renewal of Australia’s ageing housing stock offers a multitude of benefits that will supercharge emissions reduction, boost jobs and provide new functional affordable housing for younger Australians. Australia’s Emissions Reduction Plan taken to COP26 in Glasgow says technology is the key to balancing these global emissions and economic development objectives, but the ageing housing stock will cruel any targets until sustainable technology takes over from coal, which is decades away.

Australian Homes

Almost eight million pre-energy rated Australian homes are now well past their use by date, contributing up to 18 per cent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and are a real liability when it comes to hitting our Paris Agreement commitments for net-zero emissions.

What is startling is that the National Net Zero Emission plans forecasts that by 2050, around seven million homes will not be subject to improved energy efficiency measures in the National Construction Code with no retrofitted improvements to improve the fabric of these homes. The twin climate and COVID-19 crises have reinforced the unsuitability of Australia’s 30-year-old+ housing stock on lower income families and younger Australians, who are disproportionately living in lower energy rated homes that impact financially and unnerves well-being.

View the report here.