Anglicare WA: Rental Affordability Snapshot

Anglicare WA’s latest Snapshot reveals rental affordability in Australia is getting worse. It shows affordability and availability are significant issues, on a scale not seen since the mining boom a decade ago.


This year’s Snapshot captured the number of affordable and suitable homes available for rent for people on low income on the weekend of 27-28 March 2021. It found 3,695 private rentals – roughly half the number of available private rentals in last year’s Snapshot.

The Snapshot was taken just days before the end of the WA Government’s 12-month moratoria on rent increases and evictions as part of its COVID-19 economic response. Compounding this situation is the concurrent reduced incomes for many households, with the end of both the Federal Government’s Coronavirus Supplement (for those on JobSeeker and related payments) and the JobKeeper wage subsidy program in March 2021. This reduction in income support is a significant factor in lack of affordability.

Key Findings for WA

– Rent has increased 16 per cent in Perth metro to $430 a week and 12-17 per cent in the regions.
– There are half as many private rentals on the market compared with 2020 and only 30 per cent in the South West.

Read the Snapshot here.