ACHO Capacity Building Project – GIHO Visit

Our collaborative project to build the capacity of four WA-based Aboriginal Community Housing Organisations (ACHO’s) has hit the road meeting with representatives from the Goldfields Indigenous Housing Organisation (GIHO).

Shelter WA was awarded a COVID-19 Grant by Lotterywest to deliver the project and work alongside CEO’s from Noongar Mia Mia, Murchison Region Aboriginal Corporation, Southern Aboriginal Corporation and GIHO.

Capacity Building

Shelter WA’s ACHO Capacity Building Project Manager, Paula O’Leary said the visits were crucial to understanding the capacity gaps of the ACHO sector in WA and with the individual four organisations, and the strengths of each organisation that can be shared and built on during this project.

“In the case of GIHO it was great spend time with Merri and her amazing team and to see the fantastic work they do across the Goldfields and the unique challenges they encounter,” she said.

“For a relatively small organisation, they lead some important collaborative in the region including returning families to country.

“It was great to be able to provide some on the ground intensive assistance, putting plans in place to help GIHO build on existing organisational capacity and improve sustainability including being better placed to seek Housing registration.”

Collectively the four WA based Aboriginal Community Housing organisations manage around 300 homes for over 1,000 tenants.

Paula will next visit Murchison Region Aboriginal Corporation in Geraldton later this month.