Access to PPE

Access to PPE is a critical issue for the housing and homelessness sector

We are acutely aware that access to PPE is a critical issue for the housing and homelessness sector and we are continuing our advocacy for access in partnership with other peaks.

We have been advised that the Department of Health are working closely with the Department of Finance to develop PPE supply pathways and entry points for access to PPE. The Department of Health is close to finalising guidelines which will underpin entitlement to PPE and provide guidance on PPE use; these guidelines are currently being tested with some peak bodies and service providers. These guidelines will provide guidance on what constitutes limited versus widespread community transmission, and how to assess in what circumstances we can return to face-to-face service delivery.

The Department of Finance confirmed that it has tested the process for a PPE request system and it is working smoothly. The request system will be launched once the Health guidelines are published.

It must be noted that supply issues for PPE are still being worked through and at this stage there is no guarantee that sufficient supplies will be available for Government to provide the community services sector. Prioritisation will be worked out ahead of time for quick decision-making when requests come in. Health noted that the State Health Incident Control Centre can be contacted with requests for PPE in emergencies.