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    Be part of the solution

    Alleviating housing poverty and ending homelessness is a goal that can only be achieved if a wide group of people work together to make a difference. 

    You can help us by signing up as a member, to our fortnightly newsletter and by letting us know what housing and homelessness issues are important to you. We would also like to connect people working in the sector to our network and policy committees, such as the Affordable Housing Network and Regional Housing Network

    We will also use this information to notify you of policy development, advocacy, professional development opportunities, events, networking opportunities, research and information that is relevant to your interests.

    Please sign up below!

    If you have any questions about the use of this information please contact Shelter WA on 9325 6660 or


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    Community Housing

    Community housing ensures that thousands of Western Australian have a place to call home. This makes a big contribution to the provision of accessible, affordable, appropriate and secure housing and the elimination of homelessness for all West Australians. 

    Shelter WA would like you to sign up through this page so that all those with an interest in community housing can stay in touch with networking, training, events, research, policy and consultations relevant to community housing. 


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