Shelter WA - Working to end housing poverty & homelessness in WA

Shelter WA is an independent organisation working to promote accessible, affordable, appropriate and secure housing.

We work with stakeholders across the housing continuum, including individuals and organisations providing social and affordable housing and services aimed at preventing homelessness and responding to those in greatest need.

Shelter WA has operated in Western Australia since 1979.

Our work in advocacy, policy development, research and building partnerships is focussed on achieving our mission of alleviating housing related poverty and securing safe, affordable housing for disadvantaged Western Australians. Shelter WA brings together a broad base of stakeholders who contribute to this shared mission. 

Shelter WA is part of National Shelter, Australia’s national peak housing advocacy organisation.  Shelter organisations in each state and territory are on the National Shelter Council, along with representatives from Homelessness Australia and the National Association of Tenant Organisations.  Together, they contribute to National Shelter’s research, policy development and advocacy. National Shelter works closely with other national organisations such as the Australian Council of Social Services. 



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