Shelter WA - Working to end housing poverty & homelessness in WA

Shelter WA’s vision is: All people, living in Western Australia, have housing that enables them to thrive.

Shelter WA is an independent peak body that advocates for social and affordable housing and ending homelessness in Western Australia.

The organisation's mission is to ensure accessible, affordable, appropriate and secure housing and working towards ending homelessness in Western Australia

Shelter WA is a trusted leader and expert in social and affordable housing and homelessness, committed to facilitating greater choice and stability in housing outcomes for all Western Australians.

The organisation undertakes research, policy development and advocacy to drive solutions to alleviate housing related poverty through policy and programs that deliver secure, accessible, appropriate, and affordable housing.

Shelter WA believes housing is a basic human right

The organisation's staff members recognise that housing unlocks opportunity and enhances many aspects of life: health and well-being, education options, social relationship and employment prospects.

Housing  is a key requirement for people to participate fully in society. 

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