Klaudia Mierswa

Klaudia is a doctoral researcher with expertise in public and social policies, governmental and policy decision-making processes and housing.

Prior to joining Shelter WA, Klaudia was consulting various governmental bodies and NGOs in Western Australia on housing and multicultural issues.

Before moving to Australia, Klaudia has been working for Northumbria University as a PhD researcher conducting research into housing and reception policies for refugees in the European Union, while consulting European national governments on effective and adequate solutions to the accommodation and reception of vulnerable people.

Her research and involvement in a Council Action Group led to a review of the housing policies available for refugees and asylum seekers in the North East of England.

Besides this, Klaudia was appointed as an Associate Lecturer at Northumbria University teaching Public Administration and Sociology.

Klaudia holds a PhD in Sociology from Northumbria University, as well as a MA from Twente University and a MSc from the Westphalian Wilhelm’s- University.

Klaudia Mierswa 13sc

Klaudia Mierswa

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