Kate Ihanimo is an Executive Manager at Centrecare, responsible for the management of services across the Gosnells and Cannington branches. Kate holds a Masters qualification in International and Community Development and a Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences).

For over five years she has managed Centrecare services and their associated contractual obligations across a diverse range of areas including homelessness, adult and youth justice, humanitarian and settlement services, family support networks, intensive family support services, private and public tenancy support services and children’s counselling services. Prior to her ten years working with Centrecare, Kate worked both regionally and internationally for Indigenous-controlled domestic violence services over a seven year period.

Kate has been heavily involved in Centrecare’s housing and homelessness services over the last ten years and has worked ardently to support people experiencing disadvantage to obtain and sustain affordable housing.

Kate Ihanimo 24sc

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