Housing – An opportunity for budget repair

With just 10 days to go before the 2018/19 State Budget, Shelter WA is urging the State Government to recognise that investment in housing will deliver Budget repair, and result in better economic, health and education outcomes for the Western Australian community.

Housing insecurity and homelessness remain a key issue for many people throughout the State, Shelter WA CEO Michelle Mackenzie said.

“The State Government has several levers to optimise government investment, and deliver long term returns to the State, which will improve the lives of many Western Australians.”

Shelter WA, in its pre-budget submission, is calling on the State Government to invest in more social and affordable housing, leveraging the strengths of the community housing sector.

“With thousands of people on the waiting list for social housing, the market is not meeting the housing needs of people on low and very low incomes,” Ms Mackenzie said.

“At a minimum, Western Australia needs 60,000 more social housing dwellings during the next ten years.

“With current market conditions, the time is right for this investment.

“Housing assets and underutilised government land are a multi-billion-dollar asset that can be unlocked and better optimised to deliver the supply needed.

“Community housing providers have proven, through collaboration with industry, financiers and community services, that they can deliver real affordable housing outcomes, unlocking new supply through institutional and Commonwealth investment.”

Ms Mackenzie said that investment in social housing, needs to be coupled with some strategic thinking to create a more affordable housing system.

“This includes tenancy reform, to make private rentals a more attractive housing option, along with a more strategic approach to property taxation shifting from stamp duties to a broad-based land tax system to maximise housing supply.

“Metronet provides a great opportunity to plan for new social and affordable housing outcomes, creating vibrant, diverse communities around station precincts.”

Read Shelter WA’s Pre-Budget Submission


Contact Shelter WA CEO Michelle Mackenzie :   9325 6660 or 0419931 819