Planning and Taxation

Taxation and planning have a significant impact on the cost of housing.  Tax policies can be effective tools to promote the supply of suitable housing and encourage investment in affordable housing.  On the other hand, tax policies can favour and protect existing asset holders, creating barriers to new entrants seeking to buy housing, restricting new supply and stimulating demand.  Local governments play a pivotal role in providing affordable housing for their communities.  Urban planning decisions shape cities in their form and function.  Positive or negative land use decisions can have a favourable impact or detrimental effect on the accessibility of affordable housing.

Fact Sheets

Planning and Housing Shelter WA Fact Sheet 2013

Taxation & Housing Shelter WA Fact Sheet 2013

Stamp Duty Fact Sheet 2013 

Commonwelath Rent Assistance Fact Sheet 2013 


Housing Research Review: My City: The People’s Verdict 2013

Housing Research Review: 2014 Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey

Housing Research Review: Understanding and Addressing Community Opposition to Affordable Housing Development

Research Report: The Impact of Fly-In/Fly-Out on Housing Affordability in Western Australia

Housing Research Review: Cancer of the bush or salvation of our cities?

Housing Research Review: The Economics of Affordable Housing

The Economics of Affordable Housing: An investigation into the WA residential property market

Housing Research Review: State Planning Policy 3.1 – Residential Design Codes

Housing Research Review: The Housing We’d Choose Study

National Shelter Report on the Henry Tax Review


Submission to Department of Planning State Planning Strategy (Draft) 2012

Submission to WAPC Draft Murdoch Specialised Activity Centre Structure Plan Jan 2013

Submission to Department of Planning Scarborough Beach Road Activity Corridor Framework Dec 2012

Pre-budget submission to Treasury 2012

Submission to WA Labor Party Discussion Paper Planning & Housing Approval System

Submission to the Metropolitan Local Government Review Draft Findings May 2012

Submission to City of Swan, Urban Housing Strategy February 2012

Submission to City of Fremantle Amendment 49 Dec 2011

Submission to City of South Perth Draft Local Housing Strategy Dec 2011

Submission to the Metropolitan Local Government Review Panel Dec 2011


Local Government Guide to Developing an Affordable Housing Strategy

Taxes and Housing Affordability Presentation by Dr Rachel Ong