On any given night, 1 in 200 people are homeless in Australia.  This includes rough sleepers (people living on the streets), as well as people living in crisis accommodation or in severely overcrowded conditions.  Homelessness is not necessarily the absence of housing, or houselessness, and addressing homelessness is a lot more complex than simply providing a roof over one’s head.  People experiencing homelessness require a range of diverse support services and appropriate accommodation options to suit their particular needs and the issues which have led to their homelessness.  Homelessness is very much a part of the continuum of housing need.  

The Shelter WA Advisory Committee on Homelessness

The Shelter WA Advisory Committee on Homelessness was established to work towards recommendations initially identified during  the Shelter WA Future of Homelessness Forum, which took place on 20 May 2014.  The recommendations identified at the forum were:

  1. Provide integrated services to address homelessness in Western Australia
  2. Better use of existing resources for social and affordable housing
  3. Secure future funding commitments from Government and identify alternative funding opportunities
  4. Requirement for expanded and improved data collection
  5. Coordinated sector advocacy
  6. Provision of responsive and diverse services
  7. Provision of early intervention and prevention strategies
  8. Develop more ‘exit points’ for crisis accommodation

If you would like to be involved in this Advisory Committee please email Shelter WA Executive Officer, Chantal Roberts, at eo@shelterwa.org.au.

The Future of Homelessness in WA

Book of Proceedings CoverpageOn 20 May 2014, over 95 key stakeholders and community leaders from the community sector, local and state government agencies came together to discuss where we have come from and where we are going in our aims to address homelessness in Western Australia.

The forum was extremely successful in providing a platform for a dialogue on the future of homelessness services and funding in WA, combining thought provoking keynote speakers, informative panel and table discussions, and social media to capture participant views and ideas.

Shelter WA has developed a Book of Proceedingswhich captures the discussions and ideas generated during the forum, and demonstrates the genuine interest within the sector in collaborating, communicating and generating ideas and innovative solutions to the homelessness challenges facing Western Australia.

Shelter WA would also like to hear from you about your thoughts on what the next steps should be, both in terms of this forum and possible future forums, and the themes that have emerged from it.  Your comments are valuable to us, please contact us at project@shelterwa.org.au.

Shelter WA Improving Homelessness Services Survey

Shelter WA is conducting a survey to identify gaps in homelessness services in WA and barriers to getting people into appropriate services. The results of the survey, along with in-depth interviews, will be used in our ongoing advocacy on behalf of the homelessness sector in WA.

In Shelter WA’s role as a representative on both National Shelter and the Council for Homeless Persons Australia, the results of the survey and interviews will also be used to inform policy at a Federal level. The information gathered will inform a report to help shape advocacy into the future of the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness and the National Affordable Housing Agreement.

If you work in the homelessness services sector or a related field or have experienced homelessness please fill out the survey. It will take less than 5 minutes. The survey can be found at www.surveymonkey.com/s/WA_homelessness

Fact Sheet

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