Home Project (HOME)

Hear of My Experience (HOME) is a capacity building and co-design project for people who have or are experiencing housing precariousness.

The object of the project is to empower people who have a lived experience of homelessness or housing precariousness to have a greater voice in the sector through the establishment of a co-designed speaker’s bureau.

Through a workshop process with a lived experience cohort, the project aims to co-create an entity which will:

- Amplify the voice of lived experience in the housing sector
- Act as a peer-run point of contact body for organisations seeking lived experience input and expertise on the issues of housing and homelessness (e.g. housing and service providers, government, media, educators and others)
- Address the need for greater peer-organised, lived experience advocacy capacity in the housing and homelessness sector
- Give a group of lived experience peers ownership of an entity to engage in ongoing advocacy and capacity building which can continue to function self-sufficiently beyond the time frame of this grant

Individuals who have been through the HOME workshop sequence will be given the opportunity to engage in a range of capacity and skills building workshops over the course of the project. On completion of the workshop sequence we hope that HOME participants will have the skills, confidence and necessary support to:

- Be able to speak publicly and/or to media about their experiences of housing
- Be able to participate in consultation and co-design processes with government and non-government agencies
- Engage with impact and influence with government and non-government agencies in the planning of housing policy and service design
- Engage with the wider public to change perceptions and misconceptions about housing vulnerability and homelessness
- Educate people by sharing lived experience stories of housing vulnerability and homelessness
- Successfully manage the ongoing administration of the Speakers Bureau
- Further train and support other individuals with lived experience to be able to also participate in the above activities

By building their capacity and prototyping a co-design approach with housing providers, the project will establish a framework and resources for ongoing collaboration. This will ensure that housing policy, access and support services are genuinely informed by service users, improving service design appropriateness and effectiveness.

If you or someone you know may be interested in partaking please click here.

This project is being progressed by Shelter WA in partnership with the State Government through a grant from the Department of Finance.