Home ownership still unaffordable in Western Australia

Shelter WA has welcomed a new report that adds to the growing body of evidence that housing affordability issues are linked to a range of key economic reforms that have been implemented during the last twenty years.

The Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) this week released its Housing Australia report.  (August 29)

Shelter WA Board Member and Foundation Housing CEO Kathleen Gregory was one of three key speakers at the launch of the report.

Ms Gregory explained the need for an audit of State and local government land to ensure that more affordable housing could be built.

She also said affordable housing needed to be well located in relation to employment, education facilities and other services.

Deputy Director of Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre Professor Rachel Ong, told the delegates younger people had experienced the largest decline in home ownership during the last 30 years with a corresponding increase of younger people (those 35 and under) as renters.

Shelter WA spokesman Stephen Hall was at the launch of the report.  

He said the Housing Australia report demonstrates there are many economic levers that have been pulled during the last three decades that have impacted on housing affordability - especially for young people and young families.

“It is now time for a radical rethink of the unintended consequences of earlier economic reforms and their impact on housing affordability,” Mr Hall said.

“Ensuring younger Western Australians are able to afford to buy their own home will not only benefit them – it will benefit the entire Australian economy.

Media Contact: Stephen Hall, Shelter WA Spokesman (08) 9325 6660 or 0408426 263 or email: comms@shelterwa.org.au

Read CEDA’s report: Housing Australia report