Everybody's Home

Shelter WA is a supporter of the Everybody's Home Campaign.

There’s no doubt about it; Australia’s housing system is broken.

From people wanting to buy their first house, to others struggling to just find a safe and secure roof over their heads, it’s clear that the system isn’t working for everyone. The types of housing we're building doesn't match the changing needs of our population. The cost of buying a house is unaffordable for many people, including people on moderate incomes, and a system focused on property investment is locking a generation out of home ownership.

Shelter WA Chairman Mark Glasson with Dr Anne Aly MP Member for Cowan

The private rental market is unaffordable to many, in particular people on very low and low incomes. Growing competition for rental properties are causing rents to increase so many workers can no longer afford to rent the homes they need close to where they work. Also most renters don’t have the security of tenure that they need to plan their lives. With more and more people struggling to afford the private rental market, and a lack of ongoing investment in social housing supply, the demand for affordable social housing is outstripping supply. 

[L-R] Lisa Kazalac; Consultant, Advocacy and Policy Shelter WA, Senator Louise Pratt; Senator for Western Australia and Michelle Mackenzie; Chief Executive Officer Shelter WA

And a chronic shortage of social and affordable housing contributes to homelessness.

But there are things our government can do to fix this. And that’s what Everybody’s Home is all about – we’re working together to call on our government to bring balance back to the system, so that everybody has a place to call home.

So join the campaign now, and together, we can make our decision makers understand that housing is an important issue and they need to fix this broken housing system. With a federal election on the horizon the time is right.

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