Eugenie is the CEO of Co-operation Housing, a registered community housing provider specialising in the co-operative model. Her work with Co-operation Housing builds on her knowledge and experience as a sustainability educator, developer and consultant.

Housing co-operatives are autonomous, self-managed communities, who work together and pool resources through Co-operation Housing as an umbrella organisation.

Eugenie’s work has a strong focus on community living. She completed two small, and now multi-award-winning developments, in the Town of Victoria Park.

Eugenie has lived in rental properties which has provided valuable experience as renter.

Eugenie’s qualifications include a Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainability and Advanced Diploma in Accounting. She brings experience in property development and the social and affordable housing sector and is an affiliate of an international network of cohousing professionals. She has previously served on not for profit boards and has completed relevant training facilitated by the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Eugenie Stockmann 16sc

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