Axing the National Affordable Housing Agreement will put struggling households further at risk

Shelter WA is deeply concerned with reports today that the National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA) is to be axed in the May budget.

“The NAHA is an essential funding agreement for meeting the housing needs of low to moderate income earners in WA and around Australia. Without it, our social and affordable housing and homelessness crisis will get significantly worse.” said Stephen Hall, Manager of Communications and Engagement at Shelter WA.

“Axing this agreement without discussion, consultation, or any alternative plan is going to impact heavily on some the most vulnerable people in our community.”

The NAHA funds the maintenance of our social housing system as well as homelessness services provision and these recent reports suggests the Commonwealth is abandoning the field by removing this essential funding.

“There are improvements which can be made to the current NAHA, including better sufficiency, transparency, accountability and performance. This is no reason though to axe such a crucial agreement.”

“At a time when homelessness is on the rise and housing affordability is a daily headline this is not the time for the Commonwealth to cut and run.”

“We need a national plan which supports social housing, homelessness and addresses housing affordability more generally through attracting private and public investment and broader reforms of planning, taxation and tenant rights at State levels.”

“We need every tool at our disposal, including a reformed NAHA.”

The Commonwealth needs to negotiate reforms with State Governments and the community sector, and not abandon the field.


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