All Paths Lead to a Home

Shelter WA congratulates the McGowan Government on the release of All Paths Lead to a Home, Western Australia’s 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness 2020-2030.

The Strategy, launched by the Hon Mark McGowan MLA, Premier of Western Australia and the Hon Simone McGurk MLA, Minister for Community Services, sets out a vision that everyone has a safe place to call home and is supported to achieve stable and independent lives.

“Ending homelessness requires a whole government, community sector, industry and community response’” said Michelle Mackenzie, CEO of Shelter WA. “We are pleased that the WA Government has built on the strong work undertaken by the WA Alliance to End Homelessness, and through a collaborative approach developed a strategy that reflects the complex nature of homelessness and the collective response needed.”

Funding for the planning, design and construction of two new Common Ground facilities, a proven solution to ending long-term homelessness for people with high support needs is welcome. “These facilities will make a significant difference, enabling people to build stable and healthy lives. So too, will the additional investment for Housing First Homelessness Initiatives, a recognised way to end homelessness for those sleeping rough. These new initiatives are important steps towards ending homelessness in Western Australia.

“This new investment is a very welcome first step. Critical to the success of the strategy will be further ongoing, sustained investment in homelessness services. These services provide a critical lifeline for people in need. Services are under enormous pressure to meet current demand, and there is an urgent need to invest not only in new initiatives such as those announced today but in homelessness services at a level that enables them meet demand,” said Michelle Mackenzie. “And increased investment in social and affordable housing is needed across Western Australia so people have a place to call home.”

Shelter WA welcomes the launch of the 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness, and the new investment.

“We look forward to working with government, the community sector, the broader community and importantly with people with lived experience of homelessness to implementing the strategy and ending homelessness in Western Australia.”



  • Over 9,000 people experience homelessness every night across WA.
  • Over 4,000 people access Specialist Homeless Services every day
  • Almost 14,000 people are on the wait list for social housing.
  • 46,800 more social houses are needed to meet current demand


Media Contact: Michelle Mackenzie, CEO: 0419 931 819.