Homelessness Week 2016 #HomelessnessCounts

Shelter WA is proud to manage Homelessness Week (1-7 August) in WA, a national annual week of events coordinated by Homelessness Australia.  This years theme is 'Homelessness Counts'. We are delighted to host the National Launch for this very important week of events.  Shelter WA will lead the Week with a range of events and exhibitions that will raise awareness of this important issue and engage the community in developing solutions.

This year, Homelessness Week precedes the Census 2016 (9 August) and it is important those experiencing homelessness are accurately represented in Census data.  This will enable appropriate funding levels for community services to adequately support people to exit homelessness.

Find out about events at http://www.shelterwa.org.au/homelessness_week and through Facebook at www.facebook.com/HomelessnessWeekWA.

Shelter WA is also keen to work with other organisations by assisting them to hold their own events across the State. Please contact Amy Suart at swaproject@shelterwa.org.au to register your event.


Everyone needs a secure & affordable place to live

There are 9,600 people experiencing homelessness every night in WA, and another 7,000 people living in insecure housing, one step away from homelessness. This would more than fill the Perth arena every night.

Western Australia has experienced over a decade of exorbitant property and rental prices, putting many households in housing stress (where more than 30% of their income goes towards housing costs).

Despite a drop in rental prices in WA, rents still remain unaffordable for those on low incomes and pensions. Home ownership is becoming equally unaffordable for young people and families on low to moderate incomes.

Shelter WA understands that ending homelessness and addressing WA's housing affordability issues are problems that are bigger than individuals, organisations, governments and markets. Ending homelessness is a goal that can only be achieved if a wide group of stakeholders work together to make a difference.

Shelter WA works to make a difference through advocacy, research, policy development and consultations that support access to affordable and secure housing and addressing issues that lead to homelessness. We also encourage partnerships between the housing industry, the community housing and social services sector, and government, to deliver affordable housing solutions.


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